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The Best Inca Trail Tours To Give You The Best Experience The so called Inca Trail has been deemed as one of the very best treks in the whole world. It does not only have the scenery, but it also provides convenience, as well as a taste of their history. Moreover, the fame of this inca trail is somehow getting the best out of the historical features it can show its hikers through the trail. Because of a huge number of people who hike on the inca trail every single day, the government in the country has tried ways on how they can regulate the number of hikers that can be allowed to hike on the trail. Normally, the tickets get all sold out from a ton of hikers even months before their actual hike, which is basically why it can be hard for a traveler to get entrance tickets if he doesn’t plan very much ahead for the trip. If you are very much into the thought of having to trek on the trail but have failed to get tickets months before, do not worry at all! The country still has many other marvelous trails that you can trek from, which include the great machu picchu, plus they all can also lead you to those neighboring countries near this one as well. Down below are a few good treks that you can take into consideration on trying out. The salkantay trek. This trek is part of those very hard and thrilling ones that can be located in one of the regions found in the country. This trek would usually lasts up until five days and would usually end up giving you a tour to the machu picchu. The first experience of the trail will have you travel from one place to another, to finally land on a specific location that is about twelve thousand, six hundred and thirty one feet above the sea level. On the second day, you will have to deal with an ascent for at least three hours, passing through fifteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty feet above the sea, which is basically one of the best accomplishments you can ever make! During the third day, you will have to get through a ton of agricultural landscapes that will leave your eyes hungry for more beauty. For the fourth day, you will have to hike up to this certain station to be able to take a train to the town down to a pueblo in machu picchu. Thus, the final day will be a great tour at the marvelous machu picchu.
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