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Tips of Clipping a Dog’s Nails

Trimming of your dog’s nails makes an important part of routine care. It can be challenging at first but after you have learnt how to cut the nails in the right way, it becomes easier. Clipping of a pet’s nails is considered a very simple process when it comes to grooming of pets. However, not everyone have learnt how to properly trim a pet’s nails. When you leave your dog with unkempt nails, they may break, start bleeding and as a result cause a lot of discomfort to it. Untrimmed nails can also snag on surfaces such as clothing, furniture and even carpets.

It is advisable to trim your dog’s nails at least in every two weeks to prevent them from growing back to the paw pads. removal of ingrown can be a difficult process and may result to pain. First you should purchase nail clippers that matches the size of your dog. In the market, there are several pairs of nail clippers that are designed specifically for certain types of animals. If you use the wrong size of nail clippers, your dog may end up hurt due to too much pressure on the nails. You can consider consulting with your veteran before choosing the right clipper for your dog.

It is important to acclimatize your dog with the clippers so that they develop an aggressive behavior during the trimming process. The best way to do this is by letting the dog play around with the clippers to get used to them. Once it gets used to them, you can now hold your dog firmly to easily control it while trimming the nails. The best technique is to hold the paws as the dog lies down on its arms. If you are worried of the dog nipping at you, you can try using a muzzle.
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It is after the dog has lied down in the right position that you can start clipping its nails slowly by slowly. During the clipping process, you be careful enough not to get too close to the quick to avoid hurting your dog. In case your dog’s nails are darker, you may have difficulties in identifying the quick. In this case, you should clip the nails little by little until they reach a reasonable length. The bleeding that occur as a result of clipping can be stopped by using a powder product meant for pets. Using the steps, you can therefore clip all the nails to the most appropriate length.A Beginners Guide To Pets