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The Defender Pepper Sprayer That Photographs Your Attacker The smart pepper spray is a device that takes a snap of your assailant. It does not only take the photograph of the assailant but sends an instant message to the authorities for help. The allows you not to not only call for immediate help but also have evidence to push for the prosecution of your assailant. The pepper spray has remained as one of the women defense devices used for several years. The new innovation is incorporation of the camera. The device has recorded a high demand for several pre-order units. The device has this high demand because it allows women to take evidence to prosecute the attacks something they could not get. This device makes it so easy to capture the evidence and hence make it possible for the attacker to face justice. The device has made so easy to call for help. It takes and sends the photo of the incident to the nearby police. It transmits the signal to the defenders servers which then sends the information to the nearby police and passerby using the GPS. The device makes it pretty hard for the case of sexual harassment to be successful. The tool contains pepper spray which helps to control the assailant until such a time when the best action can be taken. This must be a good reason to thank the defender company for this innovation. It is better when you can prevent the attack than when the event occurs. It is better when you have the evidence to show after an attack than when you don’t have. This tool has two buttons. The first button is the one that is meant for firing the assailant and is therefore used as the defense button. The switch also opens the camera that snaps the assailant. There is a Bluetooth connection between the device and phone. The Bluetooth connection helps to send the snap. There is software on the phone that sends the picture to the defender’s servers. The defender’s servers send signals to the nearby police for action. This means that you can call for assistance immediately. The second buttons is for calling assistance fro health facilities. Press the second button in case of serious assault that requires urgent medical car. This features as the third role of the device since it calls for health care services. The high price tag for this device can be seen from that perspective. There are concerns whether this is the best way to protect women from sexual harassment or other means are better. However, every woman has a right to take a defense measure or not take it.A Simple Plan: Equipment

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